The Otaornai Backpackers' Hostel MorinoKi
  • address: 4-15 Aioi Otaru-shi Hokkaido 047-0028
  • Telephone: +81 (0)134-23-2175

to Otaru
  • by JR [Train] (update: November 2020)
    • from New Chitose Airport: [Rapid Airport for Otaru] 75mins. (¥1,910)
    • from Sapporo: [Local] 50mins. / [Rapid] 35mins. (¥750)
    • from Kucchan (Niseko): [Local] 75mins. (¥1,340)
    • from Hakodate: [Local via Niseko] 7h30mins. (¥7,640) / [Express via Sapporo] 4h30mins (¥10,300)
  • by Bus (update: November 2020)
    • from Sappro Station Terminal: [Express ] (Chuo Bus, JR Bus)] 70mins. (¥680)
    • from Kucchan (Niseko area): [Express] (Chuo Bus) 90mins. (¥1,340)
    • ⚠︎There is not any shuttle bus between New Chitose Airport and Otaru.
  • by Car, Motorcycle (update: November 2020)
    • from New Chitose Airport: 85km 2h20min, [via Expressway] 70min.
    • from Sapporo: 38km 55mins., [via Express way] 35min
    • from Kucchan (Niseko): 62km 70min.
    • NEXCO - East Nippon Expressway
  • by Ferry (update: November 2020)
    • Shin Nihon-kai Ferry
    • Maizuru(Kyoto) to Otaru: 21h (¥10,700~)
    • Niigata to Otaru: 18h (¥7,200~)
    • Please note that the schedule for the winter season may change.

From The Nearest Station, Ferry Terminal
  • from JR Minami-Otaru station
    • 10mins on foot (0.8km)
    • This route contains a steep slope and dark street at night, not recommended in the winter season.
    • about ¥560 by Taxi
  • from JR Otaru station [RECOMMEND]
    • 18mins on foot (1.4km)
    • about ¥720 by Taxi
    • There are bus terminals for Sapporo, Niseko and Shakotan.
    • Easy and fun, but a bit far.
    • This route is recommended particularly in winter.

“Minami Otaru Station” is the nearest station to our hostel, BUT I recommend to get off at “Otaru Station“

Otaru Station is the main station of Otaru and is a historic building.
If you come to Otaru for the first time, You should start your trip from Otaru Station.

Otaru Station is equipped with elevators and escalators. Good for heavy luggages.
But “Minami Otaru Station” is not equipped.
In Otaru Station there are International tourist information office, lots of coin lockers and souvenir shops with sushi bar.

Otaru station is farther for about 5 minutes to our hostel than Minami Otaru Station.
But this route is flat and walking downtown with shopping arcade.
You can enjoy for walk. Especially in the winter this route is safety.

  • from Ferry Terminal
    • 25mins on foot (1.9km)
    • about ¥800 by Taxi (10mins)

  • from MorinoKi to...
    • Suiengu Shrine: 3mins on foot (260m)
    • The nearest convenience store (Lawson): 4mins on foot (300m)
    • Otaru Music Box Museum: 5mins on foot (500m)
    • The nearest supermarket (co-op): 7mins on foot (550m)
    • Sushi-street: 7mins on foot (600m)
    • MInami-Oraru station : 9min on foot (750m)
    • The nearest public bath (Kamibutsuyu): 9mins on foot (750m)
    • Otaru Canal: 11mins on foot (900m)
    • Otaru Park: 12mins on foot (1.0km)
    • Otaru station: 16mins on foot (1.3km)
    • Tomioka Church: 18mins on foot (1.4km)
    • Ferry Terminal: 20mins on foot (1.7km)
    • Canal Park: 24mins on foot (2.1km)
    • Otaru Marina: 27mins on foot (2.2km)
    • Otaru-Chikko station: 32mins on foot (2.7km), 3mins by JR from Minami-Otaru Sta.
    • Temiya Park: 40mins on foot (3.2km), 15mins by bus from Otaru Sta.
    • Mt. Tengu Ropeway: 47mins on foot (3.3km), 17mins by bus from Otaru Sta.
    • Otaru Aquarium: 1h25mins on foot (6.8km), 20mins by bus from Otaru Sta.
    • Otamoi Coast: 1h40mins on foot 7.4km), 20mins by bus from Otaru Sta.

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