Bedroom & Hostel Charge

    • Dormitory room~¥3,000 JPY /1 night w/o meal
      • Female Dormitory Room
      • Mixed Dormitory Room
    • Twin Room: ~¥7,000 JPY /1 night 1 room
      • Private room for 2 people.
      • Temporary closure from March 2019.
    • Room Arranged for Group: ~15,800 JPY /1 night 1 room
      • Private Compartment Room for Group (3 ~ 5 people)
      • Temporary closure from March 2019.
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    • 17 persons (the maximum capacity).
      1. Female Dormitory Room: 3 bunk beds. 6 persons Max.
      2. Mixed Dormitory Room: 2 bunk beds x 2 rooms. 8 persons Max.
      3. Private Twin Room: 1 bunk bed. 2 persons Max.
      4. Room Arranged for Group: 4 bunk beds + extra bed. 5 persons Max.
    • Children under 7 years old are not allowed in dormitory rooms.
    • Twin room and Room Arranged for Group are available for children under 7 years old and baby (sleeping with you).
    • No meals (European Plan Only). Eating in the bedroom is prohibited.
    • Bedding / linen / towels available (free).
    • No additional heating fee in winter.
  • Online Travel Agent
    • If you need quick reservation or earlier reservation, please make a reservation by these OTA sits.
    • For booking of Twin Room OR Room Arranged for Group, Please make book via Online Travel Agent (OTA)
      for “Twin room”:  
      for “Room Arranged for Group”:
    • Booking by OTA can be made 3 months prior to check-in day. But the reservation period varies depending on the OTA site or plan.
  • Online Booking “Mbook”
      • Budget Prices! Some beds in dormitory rooms are released in a limited quantity via Mbook.
      • Mbook by this form can be made until 2 days prior from 1 month prior to check-in day.
      • For booking of Twin Room OR Room Arranged for Group, Please make book via Online Travel Agent (OTA)
  • Telephone Booking: 0134-23-2175
      • It is available to book only within Japan.
      • Booking by telephone can be made 1 month prior to check-in day.
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      • Reception Time: 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
      • Booking for Room Arranged for Group is not available.
      • We may not be able to accept a phone call by the convenience. Thank you for your understanding.
Hostel Policy

  • Check-in: 3P.M. to 10 P.M.
    • Please tell us the arrival time in advance. (After-hours: Negotiable.)
    • No Luggage Storage before 3P.M. Normally our hostel is closed before 3P.M..
  • Check-out: 〜10 A.M.
    • Free Luggage Storage after check-out (Negotiable).
  • Reception: 8 A.M. to 12 P.M., 3 P.M. to 11 P.M.
    • Break time: 12 P.M. to 3 P.M. (Our hostel may close during a break. Thank you for your cooperation.)
  • Curfew: 0 A.M.
  • Lights-out: 1 A.M.
  • Smoke Free Area in the all room.

  • Facility & Amenities:
    • Free Wi-Fi and PC for guests
    • Car Parking: Free, up to two car parking. Reservations required.
    • Free Lockers in bed rooms
    • Japanese-style Lounge Room and Dining Lounge Room.
    • Garden and Wood Deck Terrace
    • Self-catering Kitchen
    • Donation Coffee and Tea
    • Otaru Beer for sale
    • Shower & Bath: Towel, shampoo, Body soap and Hair dryers are available
    • Laundry (paid) : Laundry Service (paid)
    • Gum Boots for Rent: (winter)
    • Parcel Delivery Service : Domestic only
    • MorinoKi Shop “pooh”
    • Travel GuideBooks, Town Guide Maps, Shop Leaflets, Magazines, Books, Comics and DVD’s.
    • Host Dog and Host Cat: hug & momo

Location Information

  • Otaru is a port town called “Hilly Town”.
    Famous sightseeing spots in Otaru are Otaru Canal and Sakai-machi Street, though I recommend “Wandering in the Town with no Plan”.
    Go up a steep hill and look at the harbor, Go into a narrow alley and find an old buildings, Go around the town and listen to the sound of wind. So feel real Otaru.

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    Distance and Length of time from The Hostel

    • Suitengu shrine: 260m, 3 min on foot
    • earest Convenience store (Lawson): 300m, 4 min on foot
    • Nearest Ramen shop (Daimaru) 300m, 4 min on foot
    • Nearest Cafe (Millet) 300m, 4 min on foot
    • Otaru Music Box Museum: 500m, 5 min on foot
    • Nearest Supermarket (co-op): 550m, 7 min on foot
    • Sushiya street: 600m, 7 min on foot
    • Minami-Otaru Station: 750m, 9 min on foot
    • Nearest Public Bath (Shinbutsy-yu)750m, 9 min on foot
    • OtaruPark: 1.0km, 12 min on foot
    • Otaru Station: 1.2km, 12 min on foot
    • Otaru Canal: 1.2km, 12 min on foot
    • Catholic Church Tokioka Cathedral:1.4km, 16 min on foot
    • Ferry Terminal: 1.7km, 20 min on foot
    • Canal Park: 2.1km, 24 min on foot
    • Otaru Port Marina: 2.2km, 27 min on foot
    • Otaru-Chikko Station: 2.7km, 32 min on foot, 3 min from Minami-Otaru Sta. by JR
    • Temiya Park: 3.2km, 40 min on foot, 15 min from Minami-Otaru Sta. by JR
    • Mt. Tengu (base): 3.3km, 47 min on foot, 17 min from Otaru Sta. by bus
    • Otaru Aquarium: 6.8km, 85 min on foot, 20 min from Otaru Sta. by bus
    • Otamoi Coast: 7.4km, 100 min on foot, 20 min from Minami-Otaru Sta. by bus

Access Information

The Otaornai Backpackers’ Hostel MorinoKi

  • From JR Otaru Station: 18 min on foot
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      • Otaru Station is equipped with elevators and escalators. Good for heavy luggage. And In Otaru Station there are International tourist information office, lots of coin lockers and souvenir shops with sushi ber. This route is flat and walking downtown with shopping arcade. You can enjoy for walk.
      • 1.4km. About ¥550 by Taxi (
      • Easy to walk and many shops, but a bit far way.
      • Especially in the winter this route is safety.
  • rom JR Minami-Otaru station: 8 min on foot
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      • “Minami Otaru Station” is the nearest station to our hostel, But this has no elevators and nno escalators. Not good for heavy luggage.This route contains a steep slope and dark street at night, not recommended in the winter season.
      • 0.8km. About ¥470 by Taxi
  • from Ferry Terminal: 20 min on foot