MorinoKi Photobook Project "Someday"

The recruitment has ended.

(This photo is for illustrative purpose.)

Let’s create our original photo book of Morinoki together!

Otaru we went to someday.
The hostel we stayed someday.
Travellers we met someday.
Morinoki we’ve been staying at someday.

That means the travel we may go again someday.

This is the photo book we create with photos you previously took at Morinoki or in Otaru.
It doesn’t matter if the photos were taken many years ago.

Please post them on instagram with the hashtag of #somedaymorinoki.
NOT Facebook or twitter but “instagram” only.
The photo book will be created by carefully selecting from the photos with that #somedaymorinoki hashtag.
There’s no deadline so far. It will be finished when enough photos are collected.

※ Please note that if your posts are not open to the public, we may not be able to check your posted photos.
※ If you are not using instagram, please send your photos via message apps of Facebook or twitter. These photos will be post on instagram by us.
※ The photos posted with #somedaymorinoki are considered to be accepted for publication in this photo book.

This photo book will be created as a present, not for sale.
First, it will be given to each of you whose photo is used in the photo book.
And then, to those who cooperated with the hashtag of #somedaymorinoki by lottery.
After that, if there are still some lefts, a giveaway plan is considered.

Thank you for your cooperation.
#somedaymorinoki #morinoki #杜の樹 #小樽 #otaru

the title: 「記憶の旅」 “A Travel of Memories” Someday (tentative)
size: W120mm× H120mm(same size as a CD) (tentative)
page count: to 36p (tentative)
photo count: 33 to 60 (tentative)
the number of copies: 30 and above (Reprint will be considered depending on the budget)