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JULY 2023

Hope all travellers are in a peaceful world where they can travel safely and freely.

The Otaornai Backpackers’ Hostel MorinoKi

The Otaru Ushio festival

Solo Traveler Discount Plan in Summer

Solo Traveler Discount Plan in Summer 2023

  • Period: from April 1st until September 30th
  • Target: All travelers
  • Discounts for Online Booking including each Affiliated OTA.
    Good value for 2 nights and more.

Hopping Stay Discount

OTARU Ture * Dure / 26

Power Save Hour 2023!

Discount Voucher for Stay

Working Holiday on Otaru Project

WHOOP is “Working Holiday on Otaru Project”. The meaning is “Let’s long term stay while working as a cultural exchange helper in Hokkaido Otaru!“
The MorinoKi helper is to exchange your hostel charge (special for work (volunteer) several hours at the hotel. Good for long stay traveler, and Working Holiday Maker.
In WHOOP, the exchange of “Working” and “Stay” is not the aim. This most important aim is “Cultural Exchange.”. It is cultural exchange between the helper and the MorinoKi staffs, the helper and the traveler, helper and the local people.