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The Otaornai Backpackers' Hostel MorinoKi
 The Otaornai Backpackers' Hostel MorinoKi

Hope all travellers are in a peaceful world 
where they can travel safely and freely

Meeting on the way is a wonderful gift.

  • The Otaornai Backpackers' Hostel MorinoKi
  • Location: Otaru Hokkaido JAPAN (10 minute walk from JR Minami-Otaru station)
  • Established September 22, 1999
  • Backpackers' Hostel (Dormitory style)
  • About Hostel
    • Check-in: 3 p.m. - 10 p.m.
    • Check-out: - 10 a.m.
    • Curfew: 0 a.m. / Lights out: 0 a.m.
    • Smoke Free Area in the all room
    • Free Wi-Fi, Credit card OK, Free Parking lot, Shower rooms, laundry (pay to use), Self-Catering Kitchen, Towels, Hair Dryer, Blankets, Electric fans, Fan Heaters, Host Dog & Host Cat
      No Meals, No Cafe, No Bar, No Restaurant, No Hot Springs, No Vending Machines, No Air Conditioning, No TV, No pick-up service.

Pick-up Topics

  • Please Book Online.
    We may not be able to accept a phone call by the convenience. During the winter season (October to April), we are unable to accept bookings by phone.

Mt. Tengu

The name of our hostel is 
The Otaornai Backpackers' Hostel MorinoKi.

Otaornai is the Ainu language "Ota-or-nai (river in the beach)".
 The name in OTARU originated from this word.

Otaru is an old port town called "Hilly Town".
Famous sightseeing spots in Otaru are 
Otaru Canal and Sakai-machi Street, t
hough I recommend "Wandering in the Town with no Plan". 
Go up a steep hill and look at the harbor, 
Go into a narrow alley and find an old buildings, 
Go around the town and listen to the sound of wind. 
So feel real Otaru.
The Otaornai Backpackers' Hostel MorinoKi
was established on September 22, 1999 in Otaru. 
It is one of the oldest hotels in Hokkaido.

From 1995 to 1996,
I have been traveling with my wife in New Zealand
using working holidays visa. At that time, 
we often stayed at the Backpackers' Hostel.
At first, I thought "There are not such like hostels in Japan".
And then, I wished "I want hostels in Japan".
At last, I decided "I'll open my own Backpackers' Hostel in Japan".
After we came back to Japan, 
we found the old house in our home town "Otaru". 
Then, we took about two years to renovate the old house, 
and opened "Backpackers' Hostel" in 1999".
So, this hostel has a Japanese-style house and a New Zealand style system.
I'm still Backpacker and also host for travelers.

Sightseeing and Japanese Study in Otaru.
Short your stay in Japan might be, you must want to have a completely unique experience while staying here. After all, language plays an important role not only for communication purposes, but also for allowing us to cross a divide and share culture. Japanese lessons for travelers are currently available in this hostel. I’m looking forward to sharing Nihongo with you!
Japanese lessons available from a licensed Japanese Teacher in Otaru, Hokkaido!

WHOOP is “Working Holiday on Otaru Project”.
The meaning is “Let’s long term stay while working as a cultural exchange helper in Hokkaido Otaru!“
The MorinoKi helper (House Keeper) is to exchange your hostel charge (special price) for work (volunteer) several hours at the hotel. Good for long stay traveler, and Working Holiday Maker.
In WHOOP, the exchange of “Working” and “Stay” is not the aim. This most important aim is “Cultural Exchange.”. It is cultural exchange between the helper and the MorinoKi staffs, the helper and the traveler, helper and the local people.

This hostel will not change,
but travellers change with a year.

  • November 2023
    Hope all travellers are in a peaceful world where they can travel safely and freely
  • October 2023
    Hope all travellers are in a peaceful world where they can travel safely and freely.
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