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Power Save Hour 2023!

Power Save Hour!
Thank you for your cooperation in water saving, power saving, energy saving and economy life.
물 절약, 절전, 에너지 절약, 경제생활에 협조해 주셔서 감사합니다.
感謝您在節水, 節電,節能和經濟生活方面的合作.

Power Save Hour
🕙10:00AM ⇨ 🕒15:00PM
🕛0:00AM ⇨ 🕕6:00AM

These hours, this hostel is in power save mode

  • 廊下などの照明の消灯
    Turn off lights in corridors, etc.
  • 各ドミトリーの暖房の使用停止(夜間は除外)
    Turn off heating in each dormitory (except at night)
    • 談話室などは 暖房使用可能
      Heating can be used in the lounge, etc.
  • 給湯ボイラーの設定温度を下げる(38℃)
    Lower the set temperature of the hot water boiler (38°C)
  • シャワーの使用制限など
    Restrictions on using showers, etc.
  • 湯たんぽや綿入り半纏の使用を。
    Use “hot-water bottle” and “Japanese traditional room coat”
  • 出かけるときは電気も暖房もOFF。
    Turn off the Power (Lights and Heater) when you go out.
  • 使い捨てカップを使いすぎない。
    Do not overuse disposable cups.
  • 暖房の節約。
    Savings on Heating.
  • シャワーの使い過ぎに注意。
    Please use the shower with the economy.
  • こまめに電源OFF。
    Turn off the switch after each use, please.
  • ご協力感謝いたします。
    Thank you for your cooperation.
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