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J-class morinoki

J-class Lesson Course

2024.06.01 up-date

J-class morinoki Application

J-class Application can be made 3 months prior to check-in day.
It is necessary to submit the Application Form up to 2 weeks before start date of lesson.
  1. Fill in this “J-class Application Form” and click the submit.
  2. A “J-class Tentative Application Email” will be sent automatically to your e-mail address. But Your application is not complete yet by this mail.
  3. We will send you a “J-class Confirmation Email” again within 48 hours after check your application.
  4. If your application is accepted, then check “J-class Confirmation Email” and please reply us follow the instructions.
  5. With that, your reservation will be completed. After that we might send you emails.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    • Lesson Course*:

      • Lesson Start (Check-in) Date*:

      • Check-out Date*:

      • How long will you be staying?:

        • In the case of "Weekly Private Lesson Course", you don't need to check the finish date and Nights.

    • Your Name*:

      • Gender*:

      • Nationality*:

      • Age*:

      • Email*:

      • Telephone:

      • Address:

    • Lodgment:

      • Type of Dormitory Room*:

      • Parking Lot:

        • Up to 2 cars only. No bike bicycle parking lot.

      • Have you ever been stayed at MorinoKi before?:

      • Dog and Cat?:

    • Confirmation of your Japanese Ability

      • Have you ever studied Japanese?*:

      • Do you know some Japanese phrases?*

      • Can you read Japanese?*

      • Did you passed the JLPT?

      • What is your purpose in studying Japanese?

    • Comments:

    All correct? yes!

    • If the J-class Tentative Application Email by automatically transmits does not reach you, your email address may be wrong. Please contact us again.
    • Your reservation for J-class will be canceled if you can not reply us “J-class Confirmation Email” within 3 days.
    Cancellation Policy
    • If you cancel your booking of J-class for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible for the sake of other travelers who have not found accommodation yet.
    • Please note that a cancellation fee will be demanded if you cancel ALL your reservation as the following cases.
    • On arrival date or No Show: A 100% of total accommodation fee.
    Kindly show your cooperation in this matter. Thank you.
    j-class morinoki
    j-class morinoki

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