Sightseeing and Japanese Study in Otaru

The Otaornai Backpackers' Hostel MorinoKi is 
a Backpackers' Hostel with Japanese classes for travelers.

Short your stay in Japan might be, you must want to have a completely unique experience while staying here. After all, language plays an important role not only for communication purposes, but also for allowing us to cross a divide and share culture. Japanese lessons for travelers are currently available in this hostel. I’m looking forward to sharing Nihongo with you!
Japanese lessons available from a licensed Japanese Teacher in Otaru, Hokkaido!

Japanese Class in Otaru

  • J-class "morinoki"
    • We organize Japanese classes for travelers in “The Otaornai Backpackers’ Hostel MorinoKi,” and offer unique accommodations.
      Various classes for Beginner to Advanced are offered covering material such as
      • Conversations for Travel and Business
      • Grammar and Vocabulary
      • Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji
      • Reading Comprehension
      • Japanese Proficiency Test (JLPT) Preparation
      • We can arrange Japanese lessons for you.
    • J-class morinoki is a Japanese private class for studying in a relaxed environment. J-Class is conducted within The Otaornai Backpackers’ Hostel MorinoKi.

Exclusive Japanese Teacher

Masa Harada

I received my teaching license in 1998 and taught at a Japanese school in Sapporo for 4 years. I currently teach private lessons, but also offer group lessons for those who are interested.

Let me know if you need any question about Japanese.

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  • after lesson
    • Otaru Canal and Museum, Aquarium, Glass Art Museum is recommended. Looking around souvenir stores such as glass or Music box … Shopping in markets and malls as well.
    • At night enjoy a variety of restaurants and bars, such as jazz clubs with live music. Bowling and karaoke, movie theaters are also in Otaru.
    • You can go to the mountains and the sea. In summer you can swim in the sea. Day-walking is refreshing. In winter skiing and snowboarding is also fun.
    • For Sapporo or Yoichi, it takes about 40 minutes by train. For Niseko or Shakotan Peninsula, it takes about 120 minutes by bus.
      So anytime during or after lesson you can go there.
    • Or It's fun to relax at the hostel and try cooking Japanese food.
    • Use a lot of the Japanese you have learned.

J-class Lesson Course

J-Camp Course - 1 Week

  • Japanese study and Sightseeing.
    This style is 1 week staying.
    After lesson, you can go to the wonderful sights of Otaru.
    Good for Working Holiday.
    • Course Term: 6 nights 7 days
    • Lesson: Total of 15 hours.
    • Tuition: Total: 31,800 YEN/ Lessons & Bed (6 nights)
    • Extra Lesson:
      • [Lesson] Only Lesson: 1,000YEN/h
      • [Lesson + Bed] 1 day (2 hours Lesson & 1 night) : 4,800YEN
      • [Lesson + Bed] 1 week (15 hours Lesson & 6 nights) : 31,800YEN 
      • [No Lesson] Only Bed: 2,800YEN /night
    • Schedule:
      • Day 1: Interview after check-in, No Lesson
        Day 2 - 6: Morning Lesson (3h) 9:30-12:30
        Day 7: Check-out
    • N.B.
      • Room: Dormitory room
        Private or Small class.
        You can take day off (No lesson day).
        I'll do my best to do in line with what you want to know.
        It is necessary to reserve this course by 1 week before the start date of the lesson.
        During the busy season on the hostel, any lesson might not be offered.

J-Camp Light Course - 4 Days

  • This course gives priority to conversation.
    You can learn conversations that are useful for travel and daily life.
    Good for traveler. Or Preparing for the JLPT.
  • Course Term: 3 nights 4 days
  • Lesson: Total of 5 hours.
  • Tuition: Total: 13,400 YEN / Lessons & bed (3 nights)
  • Extra Lesson:
    • [Only Lesson] : 1,000YEN/h (You can take lessons up to 5 hours a day.)
      [Lesson] 1 day (2 hours Lesson & bed) : 4,800YEN
      [No Lesson] Only Bed: 2,800YEN /night
  • Schedule (Sample):
    • Day 1: Interview after check-in, No Lesson
      Day 2 - 3: Morning Lesson (2.5h) 10:00-12:30
      Day 4: Check-out
  • N.B.
    • Room: Dormitory room
      Private or Small class.
      I'll do my best to do in line with what you want to know.
      It is necessary to reserve this course by 1 week before the start date of the lesson.
      During the busy season on the hostel, any lesson might not be offered.

Weekly Private Lesson

  • For the foreigner in Otaru and the vicinity.
    Good for the Japanese Proficiency Test or to brush-up on their Japanese.
    We prepare a curriculum to meet your objectives.
    We design a private lesson schedule with times and dates that suit you.
  • Course Term: Normaly once a week
  • Lesson: 90 minutes/ time
  • Tuition: 2,000YEN/lesson [1,500YEN (after 10 Lessons)]
  • N.B.
    • Year-round course
      For person living in the city and nearby. No Lodgment.
      Private or Small class
      It is necessary to continue the lesson for at least three months or more.
      Before starting lessons, I offer an interview to assess the best course of study for you.

Private at-home Japanese lesson

  • Would you rather have a group or private lesson at your designated location? J-class morinoki provides Japanese lesson to your convenient location in Otaru and the vicinity. Please contact us.

J-class morinoki Application Form

  • J-class Application Form
    • J-class Application can be made 3 months prior to check-in day.
    • It is necessary to submit the Application Form up to 1 week before start date of lesson.
    • J-class Application Procedure.
      • Fill in this “J-class Application Form” and click the submit.
      • A “J-class Tentative Application Email” will be sent automatically to your e-mail address. But Your application is not complete yet by this mail.
      • We will send you a “J-class Confirmation Email” again within 48 hours after check your application.
      • If your application is accepted, then check “J-class Confirmation Email” and please reply us follow the instructions.
      • With that, your reservation will be completed. After that we might send you emails.

    • Lesson Course*:

      • Lesson Start (Check-in) Date*:

      • Check-out Date*:

      • How long will you be staying?:

        • In the case of "Weekly Private Lesson Course", you don't need to check the finish date and Nights.

    • Your Name*:

      • Gender*:

      • Nationality*:

      • Age*:

      • Email*:

      • Telephone:

      • Address:

    • Lodgment:

      • Type of Dormitory Room*:

      • Parking Lot:

        • Up to 2 cars only. No bike bicycle parking lot.

      • Have you ever been stayed at MorinoKi before?:

      • Dog and Cat?:

    • Confirmation of your Japanese Ability

      • Have you ever studied Japanese?*:

      • Do you know some Japanese phrases?*

      • Can you read Japanese?*

      • Did you passed the JLPT?

      • What is your purpose in studying Japanese?

    • Comments:

    All correct? yes!

    • Notes ⚠︎
      • If the J-class Tentative Application Email by automatically transmits does not reach you, your email address may be wrong. Please contact us again.
      • Your reservation for J-class will be canceled if you can not reply us “J-class Confirmation Emaill” within 3 days.
    • Cancellation Policy
      • If you cancel your booking of J-class for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible for the sake of other travelers who have not found accommodation yet.
      • Please note that a cancellation fee will be demanded if you cancel ALL your reservation as the following cases.
      • On arrival date or No Show: A 100% of total accommodation fee.
    • Kindly show your cooperation in this matter. Thank you.

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