Working Holiday on Otaru Project

WHOOP is “Working Holiday on Otaru Project”. The meaning is “Let’s long term stay while working as a cultural exchange helper in Hokkaido Otaru!“
The MorinoKi helper (House Keeper) is to exchange your hostel charge (special price) for work (volunteer) several hours at the hotel. It's like a free accommodation staff. Good for long stay traveler, and Working Holiday Maker.
In WHOOP, the exchange of “Working” and “Stay” is not the aim. This most important aim is “Cultural Exchange.”. It is cultural exchange between the helper and the MorinoKi staffs, the helper and the traveler, helper and the local people.

  • "whoop" is
    • for stay in Otaru/Hokkaido for a long time
    • for working holiday
    • for looking for a job
    • for study Japanese
    • for budget trip
    • for new experience
    • for take it easy…
  • by 2012s "mayumi"
        2月17日 土曜日   気持ち的に ちょっと一段落 お疲れ様でございました。   このピルスナー なんだかとって […]
  • by morinoki
    この日はアリンコモウダッシュさんに2年振りにお伺いしようと、小樽駅の近くをうろうろ散歩。 カフェに行く前に梁川商店街の写 […]
  • by 2012s "mayumi"
      やはり、見ているとやりたくなる性質がきっちり発揮されて 最後までアイテムを追加させてもらいました。   2月15日 […]

Recruitment Information for whoop

  • Recruitment Period:
    • Year-round recruitment
      Application can be made 2 months prior to start-day.
  • Duration of Stay:
    • 5 days ~ 2 weeks (Extension possible. neg.)
  • Recruitment Numbers:
    • 1 ~ 2 person
  • Working Hours:
    • About 4 hours (usually 8 a.m to 12 p.m)
      Occasionaly extra work.
      Occasionally house-sitting for hostel.
  • Activities for Help:
  • Requirements for whoop:
    • 18 ~ 35 years old
    • Any Nationality, Any Gender Welcome
      Ex-whooper or Repeater advantageous
    • Working Holiday Visa advantageous
      Foreign nationals must have a work visa or working holiday visa and can legally work in Japan.
      • Due to legal provisions, if you are staying on the tourist visa, you need to pay 1,000 yen per day for accommodation by yourself.
    • Your personality is Tidy, Creative, Sense of Humor, Careful Consideration, Chatty, curious person and dog-loving, cat-loving.
      Non-smoker is better.
      ⚠︎ In the winter, No good for people who feel the cold easily.
      ⚠︎ [NG person] Without saying "HELLO", Keeping in own's bedroom. No communications. Careless Consideration. Untidy.
  • Bed Room:
    • Dormitory with other guests
  • Notes:
    • No pay, No meal.
    • You can use Kitchen.(You make your own meals.)
      You can have inexpensive breakfast and dinner for staff.
      Sometimes, we might have a lunch together.
      Sometimes, we might have a lunch or dinner together.
    • You must write Helper's Diary Blog every day.
      We take photos of the helper's life. These photos will be uploaded images to SNS of MorinoKi.
    • You can take 1 day off every week.
      If you want long-term-stay, it is decided upon through consulting with us after you come here.
    • We might cancel your stay even during the term of a contract.

whooper's Calendar


whooper "Wanted"
whooper "Negotiable"
whooper "Booked" (We don't need helper)

≫ Application can be made 2 months prior to start-day.
≫ In a basic way we handle applicant on a first-come and first-served basis.
≫ If other helper has already decided, you might not be accepted

Application for whoop

How to apply for whoop

  1. Fill in this “whoop Application Form” and click the submit.
  2. A “whoop Tentative Application Email” will be sent automatically to your e-mail address. But Your application is not complete yet by this mail.
  3. We will send you a “whoop Confirmation Email” again within 48 hours after check your application.
  4. If your application is accepted, then please reply us after checking “whoop Confirmation Email”.
  5. With that, your reservation will be completed. After that we might send you emails.

whoop Application Form (*= Required.)

      1. Name*:

      2. Nickname:

      3. Start Date*:

      4. Stay Days*:

        • The maximum period of helper is 30 days via this form.

        • Extension possible. Negotiation on here. Extension

        • No visa for working: Maximum period of helper is 7 days.

      5. Email*:

      6. Telephone:

      7. Gender*:FemaleMale

      8. Age*:

      9. Nationality*:

      10. Address:

      11. Visa*:Working holiday visaStudent visaTourist visaworking visaNo visa (sightseeing)Japanese nationality

      12. Occupation:

      13. Language*:JapaneseEnglishKoreanChineseFrenchGermanOther

      14. Parking Lot:NOCarMotorcycleBicycle

      15. Reason for Applying*:

      16. Have you ever been stayed at MorinoKi before?:NoYes (within 2 years)Yes (more than 2 years ago)

      17. Have you ever had whooper before?:NoYes (within 2 years)Yes (more than 2 years ago)

      18. Dog and Cat?:I like both.I am not good with both.I am not good with dog.I am not good with cat.I am allergic to animals.

      19. Smoker?:NoYes

      20. Vegetarian?:NoYesYes, I am vegan

      21. Your Point to Note:

      22. Have you ever had helper at other guesthouse before?:

        • If Experienced:

      23. Your Photo*:

        • Recent photo of your face. Your snapshot OK. Up to 5MB.


      25. If you agree them, please check.*

        1. In case of cancellation or any changes, I will contact you soon.

        2. Photos of the helper's days will be uploaded images to SNS.

        3. I understand the contents of the application guidelines, I have approved this. 

        4. I have approved that I may be terminated the whoop in some cases.

    • Notes:
      • If the whoop Tentative Application Email by automatically transmits does not reach you, your email address may be wrong. Please contact us again.
      • Your reservation will be canceled if you can not reply us “whoop Confirmation Emaill” within 3 days.

    whoopers (October 2022: 266 whoopers)