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About access to MorinoKI in winter.

Coming here from Sapporo (Minami-Otaru station), there are routes which cannot be driven by car. If you think you’re okay to go this way, your car can get stuck in the snow when you go up this steep road. Please make a detour even if it is troublesome.
You may walk this narrow path, but you will be very tired with a heavy suitcase.

Happy New Year 2024!

Happy New Year 2024!



Happy Holidays 2023!

Merry Christmas!
Have a wonderful holiday.
Hope all travellers are in a peaceful world where they can travel safely and freely.

Please Book Online.

We may not be able to accept a phone call by the convenience. During the winter season (October to April), we are unable to accept bookings by phone.

24th Anniversary Project

2023年9月22日をもって、おたるないバックパッカーズホステル杜の樹 は、24才になります。
これも偏にご利用いただいた”のべ41,000人ほどの旅人の皆さま”と “267名のwhoooper(杜の樹ヘルパー)”、そして、”友人知人ご近所様”のおかげです。(人数は2023年9月現在)