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FAQ Notes on Dog & Cat

  • hug and momo are hosts of guests or secret masters. They act big in the hostel. (usually lying)
  • hug: Pembroke Welsh Corgi, female, Born in the 2009.
    • When entering and leaving the hostel, the dog often barks for welcome to you, but as soon she will calm down. She never gets bitten. Don’t fear, because she likes you.
  • momo: Japanese Bobtail Cat, female, Born in the 2009.
    • For cat allergy guests, the cat is on a leash. But she doesn’t mind it.
  • If you are allergic to animals or dislike dogs and cats, please be forewarned.
  • Don’t feed dog and cat. Please do not play too much with them. (Especially after 10 p.m.)