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Solo Traveler Love Discount Plan

Special Price! Solo Travel Love! 

For Free and Independent Travelers!
The “All Japan travel discount campaign” starts again on January 10, 2023. But, that campaign is grossly unfair for travelers, ,so we chose not to join.
Instead of that campaign (Hokkaido Love!), MorinoKi will implement “Solo Traveler Love Discount Plan”.

Solo Traveler Love Discount Plan

  • Period: from Jan 10 until Mar 31
  • Deal: 25 % discount off basic fee.
  • The maximum number of consecutive nights is 5 nights.
  • Target: All travelers (solo travelers)
    • *No matter what nationality.
    • *No matter how many COVID-19 vaccines are available.
    • *No matter the presence or absence of antibodies or antigen tests for COVID-19.
  • Depending on the status of the booking, some days may not be sold.
  • In some cases, we can no longer accept applications.

Book now on the dedicated booking site!

Hope all travellers are in a peaceful world where they can travel safely and freely.
Thank you Gracias Merci Danke schön Grazie Obrigado спасибо شُكْرًا Tesekkur ederim متشکرم سوپاس 谢谢 多谢 고맙습니다 Баярлалаа Terima kasih Terima kasih ขอบคุณ ครับ Salamat Mahalo Ευχαριστώ Tak イヤイライケレ にふぇーでーびる ありがとう。